a new spiritual language

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Life is a challenge. How about we stop the glorification of busy and find a bit of peace and stillness on our yoga mats instead? How about we eat what makes us feel good? How about we stop trying to make ourselves better versions of ourselves and just have gratitude for the wonderful qualities we already have? Why not face the everyday challenges of Life with a loving attitude instead of pushing through? Does this mean stop working on being the best You, you can be? No. This just means, move forward with gentle compassion for one’s self. How about we truly stop and ask ourselves, “Why do I have to be challenged in order to make a change?” Finding stillness means slowing down and listening to your breath. When you are still, calm and consciously listening, your truth is there. For most of us, another “challenge” is yet another distraction from what is really going on. A “challenge” can mask what we really feel and keeping the status quo of “pushing through it” and “doing it anyway.” I’m done with doing something just to do it for the challenge. I want to bring Love and Passion to everything I do. If I don’t “feel like it” then I’ll dig deeper. What is holding me back? What am I trying to avoid?

When I get still the truth is there.

That is when the courage comes in.

Courage to face change.

Courage to transition with grace.

Courage to release when I hold on too tight.

Courage to consider new boundaries.

Courage to move through any fear.

Courage to be still again.

Have courage. Stop the challenges. Be Love.

…..Christina Collazo

it’s hard to admit we are just humans with all the frailty and dull inclinations toward complacency…..maybe it’s here, in between the everyday fog and our highest potential that we truly find the capacity for real life, for real healing, for real connection…..

There is simply no place, no location or situation, that cannot be used to wake up to and live all of what and who we are, if we are willing to show up, to be present in the only place we ever have access to: here- and if we can do this anywhere we are willing to be fully present, what then is this incredible level of attachment to and constant preoccupation we have with getting the details of our life situation to conform to what we want, to what we think is necessary or ideal for the satisfaction of this deepest longing?…..Oriah Mountain Dreamer

 these little deserts

We are rather like whirlpools in the river of life. In flowing forward, a river or stream may hit rocks, branches, or irregularities in the ground, causing whirlpools to spring up spontaneously here and there. Water entering one whirlpool quickly passes through and rejoins the river, eventually joining another whirlpool and moving on. Though for short periods it seems to be distinguishable as a separate event, the water in the whirlpools is just the river itself. The stability of a whirlpool is only temporary. We’d rather not think of our lives in this way, however. We don’t want to see ourselves as simply a temporary formation, a whirlpool in the river of life. The fact is, we take form for a while; then when conditions are appropriate, we fade out. There’s nothing wrong with fading out; it’s a natural part of the process. However, we want to think that this little whirlpool that we are isn’t part of the stream. We want to see ourselves as permanent and stable. Our whole energy goes into trying to protect our supposed separateness. To protect the separateness, we set up artificial, fixed boundaries; as a consequence, we accumulate excess baggage, stuff that slips into our whirlpool and can’t flow out again. So, things clog up our whirlpool and the process gets messy. The stream needs to flow naturally and freely. We serve other whirlpools best if the water that enters ours is free to rush through and move on easily and quickly to whatever else needs to be stirred. The energy of life seeks rapid transformation…..Jack Kornfield

2 thoughts on “a new spiritual language

  1. The morning unfolded slower than usual. I sat on the porch and watched the feeder, or at least when I wasn’t checking my watch. I needed to go; I couldn’t keep my students waiting; where are they; don’t they know……… When I could justify no further wait, I rose from the swing – just as a tiny yellow bird arrived to the feeder. I have no idea what kind of bird he is……….and in retrospect, I’m fairly certain he didn’t eat. He merely stopped, raised his head and pushed forward a song which must have been crowded in his little body………. Then he was off, sailing beneath the branches, beyond the fence into the field……….disappearing in a blur of wildflowers. I smiled, took my last sip of coffee, and closed my eyes……..*thank you* There, my blessing………. If nothing else in this life, this enough. May Easter remind you of the ten thousand little things that move beneath your window, dependent on your waking. You – their blessing. ~ Always love, Bobbie

    • oh to show up and hold the light of all that is stark and real and waiting…..this is grace…..to know without seeing…..love in the light Bobbie….

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