Easter transformation


What has always been basic to Easter, or resurrection, is crucifixion. If you want resurrection, you must have crucifixion. Too many interpretations of the Crucifixion have failed to emphasize that relationship and emphasize instead the calamity of the event. If you emphasize the calamity, you look for someone to blame, which is why people have blamed the Jews. But crucifixion is not a calamity if it leads to new life. Through Christ’s crucifixion we were unshelled, which enabled us to be born to resurrection. That is not a calamity. So, we must take a fresh look at this event if its symbolism is to be sensed.

“If we think of the Crucifixion only in historical terms, we lose the symbol’s immediate reference to ourselves. Jesus left his mortal body on the cross, the sign of earth, to go to the Father, with whom he was one. We, similarly, are to identify with the eternal life within us. The symbol also tells us of God’s willing acceptance of the cross, that is to say, of his participation in the trials and sorrows of human life in the world, so that he is here within us, not by way of a fall or mistake, but with rapture and joy. Thus the cross has dual sense: one, of our going to the divine; the other, of the coming of the divine to us. It is a true crossing…..Joseph Campbell

a day of mixed blessings, family remembrances, welcoming spring, forgetting and remembering….a day of deep gratitude, reverence for life, and the holy dawn……

In Impossible Darkness

Do you remember
what happens
inside a cocoon?

You liquefy.

There in the thick black
of your self-spun womb,
void as the moon before waxing,
you melt

(as Christ did
for three days
in the tomb)

in impossible darkness
the sheer
of wings.

…..Kim Rosen

“We are here to witness the creation and to abet it. We are here to bring to consciousness the beauty and power that are around us and to praise the people who are here with us”…….Annie Dillard…….I know that many are having a long weekend & are gathering with families. What caught my attention in this wonderful Dillard quote was the idea of “praising” those who are with us. I was raised in a family where praise was sparse & criticism was seen as a necessary corrective. It’s a hard habit to break- although Dillard’s quote encourages me, as my sons & I share a meal this weekend, to tell them explicitly (& without waiting for anything they do to prompt me) how I am in awe of what fine men they are- how their integrity, generosity & kindness to others gives me hope for our world. Because it does. Sometimes we just have to witness with a smile- and sometimes it’s good to say it out loud……Oriah Mountain Dreamer

2 thoughts on “Easter transformation

  1. Love all of this. I’m a Campbell fan and once heard someone say, “Passion, Death, and Resurrection should all be one word. ” Which seems to sum up this quote very well.

    In Impossible Darkness is wonderful…..the comparison of the darkness of a cocoon and the darkness of Christ’s tomb birthing “the sheer inevitability of wings.” Perfect.

    And I am going to paraphrase Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s affirmation of her sons and use it to affirm my own children…..I could not say it better…..thanks for the words and the reminder of the important things that give me hope for the world.

    Perfect Easter reflection…..a lovely gift.

    • what a lovely ode to divine affirmation…..I hope you are deep in spring’s blessings……in gratitude for your hope Eileen….

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