whispers of the loamy heart

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I believe in intuitions and inspirations…

I sometimes ‘feel’ that I am right.

I do not ‘know’ that I am.

….. Albert Einstein

kind of like floating under water…..kind of like settling into the space between dark and light…..kind of like being in the dawn, rather than experiencing the dawn…..kind of like seeing a loved one as if for the first time…..may our deepest knowings find us……

My mind was tangled. I felt frantic and out of control. I was being pulled and tugged in different directions.

My heart screamed but I couldn’t hear. Fear grabbed me by the hand and tried to lead me away. My soul fought back.

Decisions, Decisions… Like a true Libran, I often find such predicaments an extreme task which lead to flustered bouts of self-doubt and a feeling of being somewhat out of sync from the natural flow of life.

I have always chased my heart’s desires and followed the calling of my soul, first and foremost. I prefer to live my life this way. However, with such a heart-led life must come a deep trust in something greater than what I have control over.

Our minds seek comfort. Our hearts seek truth.

When a choice is made based on a deep and instinctual knowing felt in our gut or heart, we tend to find that the outcome is beneficial for ourselves and our life path. Our bodies are our greatest and wisest guides.

We simply need to learn to recognize and listen to their quiet wisdom, rather than the misleading chitter-chatter of our mind. This way, we will be following a deeper calling — an instinctual and soul-driven knowledge that whatever it is we are drawn to is ultimately the best opportunity for us.

You know those pieces of undeniable wisdom which seem to speak out loud at 3 am? That is our higher self communicating, often when you least expect it. It is our inner guru — the you within you, the divine within… our celestial soul.

Our breath is the single most effective way of connecting with our bodies — and therefore, our truth. Joining the space between our bodies and souls opens up a communication channel from which we can learn ideas, inspiration and truths behind choice.

When it all seems too much to handle, when you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, sit and breathe… what do you feel? Go deeper within, keep breathing and you may feel a gentle pull towards what’s best.

Know that whatever happens, as a consequence of our actions, will always be the best for us, at that time. Smile, trust, surrender and enjoy the ride. Sometimes we have to let go and surrender to the flow of life. We like to be in control of the little fleshy spaceship we call our bodies, but our bodies will operate with or without our instruction. We will keep on breathing, our heart will keep on beating.

The Universe is a complex, intelligent and loving organism, and I’m pretty sure that if it can create planets and stars, then it can guide us on the right course.

…..Zoe Quinney

breathe easy

Intuition is seeing with the soul.

…..Dean Koontz

2 thoughts on “whispers of the loamy heart

  1. Love this, Blue………… I immediately thought of how much dearer to live in the ‘now’ such that every time is the first, every time the last. To take of this without worry for what came before, or expectation of what comes after – to settle within this place – there our abundance. Every kiss, the sweetest…….every night, the only one to know the dawn. May today be the best. ~ Bobbie

    • I let go, let go into night…..to be held by brighter forces, by ancient truth…..may your intuitive light bless your words Bobbie….

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