piety meets vulnerability


And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

…..Kahil Gibran

pure grace shows up when we are aligned with and around others…..this never means that we always act with integrity or as our best selves, but we are humbled and move forward with new awareness….these are the gifts of a lifetime, of each road taken and not taken….

Take the road above
to Caheranadurrish
one day soon, in springtime,
when you’ve given yourself
that miracle hour alone

so that below you
the green valley is filled
from end to end
with the arriving waveform
of whitethorn and birdsong

while above,
the blue moving sky
is torn
with wind and cloud

and follow the road to the top
as if you could walk
straight off that horizon
and go on
into the thin air
of your waiting life.

…..David Whyte

say yes, always yes…..

“Intimacy heals.” This was told to me by the Grandmothers in my night dreams many years ago. It’s one of the few things I know for sure. Being with what is eases pain, alleviates suffering, and opens the way for and deepens our ability to be with shared joy. And real intimacy is always two-way. To be with another’s vulnerability intimately I must bring my own vulnerability to the moment. And when we can’t be present, when we are captured by anxiety or closed down in fear and unconsciousness, someone else will be able in this moment to be intimately present. And so we lean into each other, into our shared humanness and the hum of the Sweet Mystery that is within us all. . . .and healing happens……Oriah Mountain Dreamer

4 thoughts on “piety meets vulnerability

  1. One of my oldest favorite quotes from The Prophet – there is a connection to the wind and the earth we need to maintain in a world where we increasingly insulate ourselves from the natural world, which we should describe as the universal constant of which we are a part. Listening to Eric P Dollard yesterday talk about his life and experiments with electricity, he points the way to a connection we have missed, to the place where we re-learn that gravity is the will of God, and electricity is witness to Spirit incarnate … May the eternal flow of the Earth Spirits touch your feet and drift through you hair today ….

    • indeed…..to fetch the wild places calls us to our own wildness and this then, reveals our infinite possibilities…..nothing is absolute, and I wonder how the physicists hold the smallest truths…..dreams are alive g.f.s….

    • the mythic and the sacred invite us to retell our stories again and again…..changing with the seasons of our lives…..tears flow on and on dear Bobbie…

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