the peace in brokenness

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An analogy for Bodhicitta is the rawness of a broken heart. Sometimes this broken heart gives birth to anxiety and panic, sometimes to anger, resentment and blame. But under the hardness of that armour there is the tenderness of genuine sadness. This continual ache of the heart is a blessing that when accepted fully can be shared with all. The middle way is wide open, but it’s tough going, because it goes against the grain of an ancient neurotic pattern that we all share. When we feel lonely, when we feel hopeless, what we want to do is move to the right or the left. We don’t want to sit and feel what we feel. We don’t want to go through the detox. Yet the middle way encourages us to do just that. It encourages us to awaken the bravery that exists in everyone without exception, including you and me…..Pema Chodron

this distant shore where we are always moving toward may be the letting go…..the essence of which may elude us for a lifetime…..yet there are those tiny knowings when we know we’ve released into the moment….

Life is rough — as they say, no one gets out of it alive — but you forget that with the bitter comes the sweet, with downs the glorious ups, with sorrow the profound moments of joy, and that no-secret secret? It’s letting everything in as beautifully as we let it all out. It’s when we become so attached to things outside of ourselves (allowing the externals to define us) that we feel the most pain. Let go, surrender, free your mind, and know that life is just a practice, just as one’s profession, falling in love, raising a family, speaking in public, doing Yoga and all the many things we hold on to like mad for fear of failure (are). Practice letting go of judgment. You’re on your own path and you’re right where you need to be and the only ones (truly) expecting us to be perfect are ourselves. Because through so many byways and highways of this beautiful journeying exquisitely called life I have learned that –

Every mistake I make allows me to see how much more there is to learn. The more wrong turns I take, the less scared I am of taking the same ones over again. The more lessons I go through, the less I regret adding to this wealth I call experience and the more experience I ultimately enjoy surviving, the less time I realize I have in this lifetime to learn it all. Be kind to the traveler you are…..Ruby Bernardo

the mystery lies beneath

The beauty of the soul shines out

when a man bears with composure

one heavy mischance after another,

not because he does not feel them,

but because he is a man of high and heroic temper.

2 thoughts on “the peace in brokenness

  1. My sorrows – my secrets – my truth. The wind knows them all. He is trusted to hold them for days beyond mine, and to bring them back to me………time and time again. Such is the love which has no name, but whispers sweetly our own. ~ May the wind blow gently on you today. ~ B

    • this is the ultimate trust…..soul trust…..never led astray like we think we are…..heart and soul, each step a promise…..settling in to quiet…..blessings Bobbie…..

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