daring to live the life we have


We have five senses in which we glory and which we recognize and celebrate, senses that constitute the sensible world for us. But there are other senses — secret senses, sixth senses, if you will — equally vital, but unrecognized, and unlauded…. Oliver Sacks

it’s not all about enlightenment and the perfect day…it’s about being real and raw and vulnerable and part of the earth…..being with each other and the tiny unknowns……

Something is happening to us. Trying to make sense of their awakening experiences, people troll the Internet and discover the idea of “ascension” – the doctrine that humanity is on the verge of a process of spiritualization, a transition to a higher, and less material, dimension. Implicit in the term is the concept of rising above. Rising above what, may we ask? When did rising above become something to aspire to? Why is rising above a good thing? Why does “superior” mean better and “inferior” mean worse? Why is lowly or base not a compliment? Why do we want to “raise our vibration”? Is a piccolo better than a bassoon?

The mythology of ascension taps into the same ambition as our other attempts to master, control, and transcend nature, whether they be through technological or psychological means. It is quite understandable, looking out at the world today, that one would want to leave the sordid life of materiality behind. That, however, might be more a comment on how we have treated the material world than on materiality itself.

Perhaps what we need is not the transcendence of materiality, but to embrace it more fully. Having made a ruin of Earth, are we then to leave it behind for some spiritual realm of the fifth dimension? That is an example of the very attitude that has enabled us to ruin it to begin with: matter doesn’t matter, it is not sacred. We have certainly treated the planet that way. Today we feel pulled to reconnect with nature, with community, with our emotions, with our physicality.

An evolutionary shift is nigh, but it is not a raising of our vibration into non-materiality. It is a reconnection with and resacralization of the material realm. Our “ascent” to supposed mastery of nature has run its course, generating a multitude of crises that are birthing a transition into a new age: an Age of Reunion. No longer seeing ourselves as separate, our relationship to nature is becoming one of cocreative partnership.

Paradoxically, our reunion with nature, materiality, and the flesh might bring on the state of being we associate with ascension after all. For matter is much more than we have made of it; it is much more than a pile of inert, generic building blocks. Every bit of it is alive, sentient; it is spirit manifest, and every body is soul made flesh. All the qualities that we have relegated to a separate spiritual realm exist already, right here, in the world of matter. By returning fully to this world, here and now, we will find ourselves living, paradoxically, in a different world, relating to all beings in a different way, enjoying an unimagined sensitivity of perception. Ascension implies leaving the world behind for a more rarefied realm, but that realm is already here, if only we can lower our vibration…..Charles Eisenstein


When we are not attached to who we think we are, life can move through us, playing us like an instrument. Understanding how everything is in continual transformation, we release our futile attempts to control circumstances. When we live in this easy connection with life, we live in joy…….James Baraz

2 thoughts on “daring to live the life we have

  1. yes, thank you for re-saying this, “The mythology of ascension taps into the same ambition as our other attempts to master, control, and transcend nature.” after not-thinking-through previous thoughts i allowed into my mind-scape about ascending this plane without first ~being here~, this is what i’ve realized.. felt.. as well, over time. may it be re-said again & again until we get it, collectively, that we’re right here/ we need to take care of what we go// we ain’t waitin’ for a future eden ~ the stuff of eden’s under our feet, transformed as we transform here. blessings tribe ❤

    • ‘the stuff of eden’s under our feet’….indeed……to invite our vulnerability is such a profound act…..we need a tribe to see us….spirit and soul collide……from roots to stem……yes, wren…..

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