mercy gifts our forlorn lives


You have traveled too fast
over false ground;
Now your soul has come
to take you back.
….John O’Donohue

we move and sway and fail and return and forgive and get it all wrong……and then there is this incredible beauty that is really just light emanating from somewhere……

We may carry in our soul a picture of creating little by little the vessel of our humanity. We may feel in any act the wholeness of ourselves and our warmth and our concern and our goodwill and our limitations, and we may know ourselves, therefore, in our hope and our imperfection to humility, good humor, mercy, and continual striving. We may experience this striving as a gentle movement, a flow of energy, to which we are alert and which we can to some degree guide into form. We try not to think of ourselves as bigger than we are, but to get a feel of ‘how much clay there is,’ and how we may little by little open it and stretch it and form it in an art of self-creation. We must be willing to take on, in consciousness, the mystery of our creative power……M. C. Richards

a ride on the whirlygig

In the morning as the storm begins to blow away

the clear sky appears for a moment and it seems to me

that there has been something simpler than I could

ever believe, simpler than I could have begun

to find words for

not patient not even waiting no more hidden

than the air itself that became part of me for a while

with every breath and remained with me unnoticed

something that was here unnamed unknown in the days

and the nights not separate from them

not separate from them as they came and were gone

it must have been here neither early nor late then

by what name can I address it now holding out my thanks

….M. S. Merwin

2 thoughts on “mercy gifts our forlorn lives

    • the simplicity and profundity of this is like creating a little pot……may it all come to form, delicate and real……sweets to you Bobbie….

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