the labyrinth of expansion


Come into possession of all parts of you.

Stop doing things behind your own back that support the crippling of your own personal awakening. Consistently inquire within. Meditate and internally reflect. Listen so intently that your peculiar instincts start to surface. Let them. Set the intention of being open to receiving all parts  — nourish, heal and hold a space for the unveiling of the wholeness of you.

Breathe deeply in times of distress, controversy and requested effort. Connect before proceeding into action or non-action. Discuss matters without fear, greed, violence or hostility. Strive for a compassionate connection versus an angry stance that takes us all further a part instead of together.

Instead of assigning rigid meaning or facts to your life or anyone else’s, invite an element of expansiveness and possibility.

You are the creator of your own battles, experiences, stories, perceptions and reality. You cannot change what you refuse to acknowledge. You have the power to exercise your ability of perception in every circumstance and every circumstance can be an invitation to see who and what you are more clearly.

….Tanya Lee Markul

what is that indescribable yet palpable feeling of something missing? of parts of ourselves designed for somebody’s else’s life?…of the greatest not knowing? of unsettled fears? we find it deep……

We feel the presence of Silence throughout the physical world as a kind of touch, like that of a warm breeze on the skin on a fall day. We feel its presence as a living surround that fills us within. Our whole body, as sensory organ in itself, senses this realm. It is all around and also within, and yet is has the quality of a complete Other. This intimate Other actively produces our soul experience of being an individual of embodied spirit in the world. It is Silence that gives our living body its solitude, its oneness with soul and spirit. The most basic experience of Silence is intimacy. We feel an intimacy with the world, as if we are within everything around us rather than behind or alongside things that we are then looking at. And when we cultivate Silence to the point that we are consciously within it rather than imagining that it is in us, we cannot be other than we are…….Robert Sardello

do you dream?

Waking up is the first act. One day something in you stirs and you wake up from ignorance and sheer unconsciousness. You wake up from neglect of things that matter. You wake up to a new vision of your world and your place in it. It is no accident that the Buddha is called the awakened one, and Jesus frequently charges his students to go out among the people and wake them up. Some moments of waking are minuscule. You hardly know they exist when they’re happening, and only later do you realize that your world has changed. You wake up many times during your lifetime, if you’re lucky, and never stop waking as you make new significant discoveries…..Thomas Moore

4 thoughts on “the labyrinth of expansion

  1. Sometimes it seems to be more than I can bear, and yet I must be able to really know what’s in my heart, to feel so deeply all that it means to live. It means taking it all into my own, even the pain. For to not know it (to not hold it) – well, that’s a far greater pain. ~ Always love, Bobbie

    • somehow I always knew it would be this way….the terrible heartache of the melancholy soul is the beauty of the whole world……you wake up again and again Bobbie…..

  2. the description of the power of silence to bring us to intimacy…as an experience of being inside everything….resonates for me…..Silence is a rare commodity in most of our lives…..My heater is running….my refrigerator makes sounds….a distant train….an ambulance. But when I have experienced silence….even the short moment of earth holding its breath between night and morning, I have experienced that sense of oneness. Thanks for reminding me.

    Also I embrace the challenge: to consistently inquire within, because we cannot change what we refuse to acknowledge. I haven’t journaled this week, though a lot of thoughts/ fears/ hopes surfaced driving on the Interstate for an hour without playing the radio or CD’s.

    As usual… have gifts I needed……blessings that I will try to pass on. Eileen

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