chaos & order in the heart


We are shaken by secret shudders & dark forebodings;

but we know no way out,

& very few persons indeed

draw the conclusion that this time

the issue is the long-since-forgotten soul of man.

….Carl Jung

flying high through the dark night is brazen and hard and full of heart….kindred shelter is precious and the days are long, cool reminders that we are quick and gone…..may we remember the soul’s way of tending this heart space….

When you have entered the way, God Most High bestows on you kingdoms and worlds that you never imagined; and you become quite ashamed of what you desired at first. “Ah!” you cry. “With such things in existence, how could I ever seek after such a mean thing.”…….Rumi

it’s not all as it seems

My mom tells me that our souls know how much time we have when we come into this world. Some people get 100 years. Some get 24. But when we are born, we know. It was written. It was always meant to be that way. So that means nothing is missed. There are no ‘could haves.’ Learning how to let go and allow the current of life to sweep us off our feet is the greatest lesson we can ever learn. Trust that life will always, always take you where you need to be. Even in the dark moments…….Rachel Brathen

2 thoughts on “chaos & order in the heart

  1. O, yes, Blue………. that deep abiding recognition of who we are and where we are……..knowing we were never ever not going to be in this place. I spend a special time in prayer, thankful for my feet………and the paths they have walked to get me here, where yesterday I planted seeds for the garden blooming now. O yes…………. How sweet the understanding of just how fragile life is (love is). I am ever grateful for those times in which I rediscover the reason why I came……. May light spill in shades of laughter to your day. ~ Always love ❤

    • I sense that I am forever churning into, from and through all that touches me through the heart…..humbled, cleansed, forgiving….I trust too…..easier with soul friends along the way….may the shadows intrigue your heart dear Bobbie…..

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