secret chambers within our naked selves


Being the hero is to be on the path of soul-survival and success. Being the hero is to be on the path of soul-making, dealing with your natural materials, and making something of yourself as you deal with life’s challenges. It is perhaps what Keats has in mind when he says, “Do you not see how necessary a World of Pains and troubles is to school an Intelligence and make it a soul?” It’s what Joseph Campbell means when he speaks of ‘the hero’s journey.’ He writes, ” Everywhere, no matter what the sphere of interest (whether religious, political, or personal), the really creative acts are represented as those deriving from some sort of dying to the world; and what happens in the interval of the hero’s nonentity, so that he comes back as one reborn, made great and filled with creative power.” We are on the hero’s journey when we submit to the deep processes of life and allow them to affect us and bore their necessities in us. The hero is engaged with life. The hero may not look heroic from the outside but may go through powerful developments in a quiet way. The difference is that the real hero engages life and reflects on it. She becomes more and more what he or she is destined to be…..Thomas Moore

it’s tricky business, this moving through mazes and doors and halls and the nooks of our crowded rooms, our clouded nights, and under our cool, superficial meanderings…..may the deep find us…..

Our real mother is the spaciousness of wisdom, rigpa. So when phenomena arise- perceptions, thoughts, emotions of different kinds- gently introduce them to her. If a positive or negative emotion comes up, let them rest with their mother. Wisdom doesn’t tell positive feelings such as lovingkindness and compassion, “Please come in, you are welcome here.” Nor does it say to stupidity, aggression, and clinging, “Get out of here!” Rigpa is a spacious mother to all her children; they know they are always welcome home just as they are. As practitioners of Dzogchen, the Great Perfection, we let experiences unfold naturally, like clouds passing through an open sky. Liberation does not mean suppression. It means letting everything unfold naturally. Whatever the display is, allow it to arise and unfold as it is on its own. After we have some time training in this way, we will begin to feel more confident, self-contained, and self-assured. We may not know where this feeling is coming from, but we begin to sense that something deep within us is changing. When liberation takes place within us, there is a freedom of choice. We know how to let things be, know how to hold on at times, and how to be free even when things get messy…….Tsoknyi Rinpoche

close the door softly

The beauty of souls laid bare is that we are then all naked at once, together, our sameness and our differences revealed in the glory of the truth of us…..B. Nur Cheyene

2 thoughts on “secret chambers within our naked selves

  1. Thank you for always find the right passages to share and then seamlessly melding them together with your gorgeous poetry. You are a soulful gatherer and wise teacher to me. I am incredibly grateful to know you. Thank you~

    • As I prepare to be with you and celebrate our journey, I too find only gratitude in our interconnected and laid-bare beingness……deeply honored lovely one……

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