moving from goals to evolution

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Letting go.

Beliefs, concerns, ideals.
Love, loss.
Finding a space between blame
and responsibility.
Learning to live without regret,
still learning from mistakes.
Releasing attachment to person, place and thing.
Then, now, and future.
Expectations met, exceeded, destroyed…

Guarding against the hardening,

knowing its the only way to survive.

Learning to love the burden,

Not burdened by love.

Setting the heart free from the mind,

minding the heart.

Choosing the path, the noble goal.

Finding empty space,
and being happy with just that.

…..SR Atchley

oh, to tuck away the to-do lists… understand that slow, rich living is an art and a practice…..we fuel ourselves with busyness with the misconception that we need to be productive at every turn…..may we stop for a moment to see the emergence of fresh perspective within a little rest…..

Life emerges out of the silence of our inner being. The life that we have in our mind, the life that is a reflection of our planning, the life that has been constructed out of bits and pieces in our environment—external conditioning, things we have observed in other people, things that influential people have told us—is actually not who we are.

That pre-planned life is rigid. It’s artificial. It’s unresponsive. It doesn’t reflect the life that we were born to live.

Unless you viciously carve out time to work on yourself it’s not going to happen. You have to be brutal about it, actually. If your mind is always busy then you have no sense of the world you live in. Because there is no communication, there is no space within which to see what we are doing. We will end up destroying our lives, and you may not realize what you have given up until you are on your deathbed. By being busy you are basically giving away your human existence.

One of the things about being busy is that it is a un-examined behavior. It’s habitual.

Giving up this state of busy-ness doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to be active, creative people. We’re giving up the mentality where you can’t actually relate to what’s in front of you because you have this mental speed going on. Let it go. I’m saying it to you. This is an issue that we are going to have to address if we want to be any good to anyone……Dr. Reggie Ray

the beautiful untapped discovery of joy

Tomorrow, will we have hundreds of times to play?

….Georgia McEwen, aged 4

2 thoughts on “moving from goals to evolution

  1. Today….cherry pie for breakfast, a walk in the rain, five hours listening to stories I’ve heard a hundred times, and a fragile few I haven’t, a kiss from a man who hasn’t shaved in a week as he pointed out the squirrel spinning on the bird feeder. Arms that reach around me the same as they have for 57 years……… The heart somehow always holds a little more. ❤

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