the reality project


River shadows shift
Boundaries in the water world
Water, air, trees, earth
Yin and yang shadows meet
Light and dark merge then separate
Off river bottoms
Mingling with the sky’s reflection
There on the water looking
Looking for whatever you want
You find peace.

…..Roderick MacIver

soaking up this beauteous life in all of its ugliness, weightiness, hungriness, and bitter dead ends……this is the full-circle awareness that carries us when we cannot carry ourselves……

The way to have the life we want is to receive more deeply the life we have. Sometimes we keep our own life at arm’s length, thinking we’ll wait until circumstances improve before giving it all we’ve got. But life is just a reflection of consciousness, so it’s never going to give any more to us than we give to it. Don’t wait for a perfect life; breathe in the life that’s already perfect……Marianne Williamson

over the fence

Pour yourself out like a fountain.
Flow into the knowledge that
what you are seeking
finishes often at the start,
and, with ending, begins.
…..Rainer Maria Rilke

2 thoughts on “the reality project

  1. I’ve often thought that the whole design of being broken is to get us to our knees…….. The things that break my heart are the very same things I am grateful for. ❤

    • only felt through the spiraling and then the ascent…..emotional intelligence is fueled by trust and surrender…..blessed be Bobbie…..

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