what lies beneath happiness?

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We have access to every wonder and joy imaginable, simply by virtue of being alive.

I believe that people have an instinctual desire to lead happy, fulfilling lives.

And, I believe that happiness is our birthright. Not because we owe nothing to the world around us, and not because life ought to be one big gluttonous indulgence, but because happiness is possible in every circumstance and your life is worthy of it.

Because it is precisely through giving, connecting, and loving that we cultivate happiness. Because happiness does not depend upon money, career, appearance, or where we live.

So what are the skills of happiness? Based on my research and my work as life coach, I think the route to happiness can be summarized in two steps:

1. Developing an optimistic attitude.

2. Building strong relationships.

To quote Russell Brand, “It sounds so simple. It actually is simple but it isn’t easy.”

Becoming happier takes practice. For example, most people take setbacks personally, and let failures derail them. We focus more on what went wrong than on what didn’t go wrong. We let a bad morning ruin our day.

But, with practice, anyone can become more optimistic. We can ask ourselves questions that shift our perspective from negative to positive and enable us to see possibilities that are impossible to spot when we’re focused on our problems.

Building strong relationships also takes practice (and vigilance). Guess what? Most marriages fail. Most families don’t get along (does yours?).

Why? Because we are notoriously bad at relationships.

Good news: We can learn how to be better at relationships too. And we must. The research is very clear: without strong, loving relationships happiness is absolutely, positively not possible. It will remain out of reach…..Sara Oliveri

this playful and whole-hearted anticipation of possibility is a gift….we know when we are in it and we forget so easily……to play, to be curious, to live in an extraordinary life instead of around it…..

I woke this morning feeling as though,

I could be anything!

I can do anything!

I could rise!

I could be something other than this person

caught in someone else’s dream,

sharing someone else’s story

needing someone else’s approval

to dance, to write, to sing, to feed.

I could feel the blue release of this epiphany

I could swallow patterns

that no longer served and release.

This morning the embers within my core glowed yellow,

with a smidgeon of orange.

This morning I usurped that pragmatist,

wearing my clothes,

and walking me in my shoes.

This morning I lost count of the days

before last night’s end,

before I uttered intentions and wrote them down.

I wrote them, changed them, and crossed them out.

All the while, my voice kept egging me on.

She became a nag and harassed me in the quiet,

She knew it was time!

She knew it was time!

Then I received what I implored!

A blade to cut tethers which held me,

and dreams to inspire,

dreams to drift,

and locations which depend only on me.

Upon my own pace…

upon my own my desire.

I woke up this morning with insight

into my own life,

and with the tools to burn my baggage…

Set me free!

…DelRita Butler

go ahead, get your groove on…

The simpler our hands and Hearts,

the more Free
Of the world around,

The Happier We’ll Be.

2 thoughts on “what lies beneath happiness?

  1. One of my newly acquired quotes ~ “It makes you wonder. All the brilliant things we might have done with our lives if only we suspected we knew how.” ❤ Let us soar without really knowing we ever have before.

    • oh this is so powerful as an artist and a writer…..as a human in this wild life…..there is always room for a little lift in courageous trust……wings ready to fan out far Bobbie…….

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