unabashedly seeking the heart


Always it comes, this sacred life force that is calling to us, asking us to remember why we are here. We were programmed from the beginning to hear it, to feel the longing to go home to what we are, to quit trying to be other than we are, to learn how to stop our doing and surrender to simply being and so find the peace and the meaning embedded in our lives. It is the very nature of the stuff of which we are made, the impulse of the life force within us to want to wake-up and consciously embody that meaning. It’s what we are called to be. It’s why we are here…..Oriah Mountain Dreamer

you can’t tell me, and I can’t show you, but we can, together, be an amazing force for good…..this innate sense of knowing and being and doing and striving allows us to dive in to the heart’s pounding, pounding, pounding search…..

Man is born a seeker. Equipped as he is by nature for vibrating to a vast range of impressions, is he not predestined to an endless wondering? Bound by necessity to select from these impressions those suitable for conscious assimilation- and thereby to approach a genuine perception of his own identity- is he not singled out for continuous self-interrogation? Such is his true vocation, his birthright. He many forget it, deny it, bury it in the depths of his unconscious being; he may go astray, misuse this hidden gift, and increase his own alienation from reality; he may even try to convince himself that he has reached, once and for all, the shores of eternal Truth. No matter; this secret call is still alive, prompting him from within to try, and to try increasingly, to realize the significance of his presence here on earth. For his is here to awake, to remember, and to search, again and still again……Henri Tracol

how do you know that which you know?

That which you are, your true self, you love it, and whatever you do, you do for your own happiness. To find it, to know it, to cherish it is your basic urge. Since time immemorial you loved yourself, but never wisely. Use your body and mind wisely in the service of the self, that is all. Be true to your own self, love your self absolutely. Do not pretend that you love others as yourself. Unless you have realized them as one with yourself, you cannot love them. Don’t pretend to be what you are not, don’t refuse to be what you are. Your love of others is the result of self-knowledge, not its cause. Without self-realization, no virtue is genuine. When you know beyond all doubting that the same life flows through all that is and you are that life, you will love all naturally and spontaneously. When you realize the depth and fullness of your love of yourself, you know that every living being and the entire universe are included in your affection. But when you look at anything as separate from you, you cannot love it for you are afraid of it. Alienation causes fear and fear deepens alienation. Only self-realization can break it. Go for it resolutely……Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

2 thoughts on “unabashedly seeking the heart

    • we tend to believe that we lose our self, have to find our self, and really yes, we need to go home…….travel the mossy path Bobbie….

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