to flow within truth


I cannot tell you any spiritual truth

that deep within you don’t know already.

All I can do
is remind you

of what you have forgotten.
…Eckhart Tolle

first we have to notice the rain……then we find ourselves within the rain……then we feel the rain…..then we take in the rain….then we simply sit with the rain….then the rain becomes breath…..

I’ve personally never found real magic

in darkened rooms

with mystical symbols,
but have found it in the forest

or along the seashore

or in my back garden.
…..Bruce Stanley

to sit with the rain

The deepest words of the wise man
teach us the same as the whistle

of the wind when it blows

or the sound of the water

when it is flowing.
…..Antonio Machado

2 thoughts on “to flow within truth

  1. I am reminded of something I rediscovered early Saturday morning. A storm was coming, and the wind was rushing through the trees. I could close my eyes, and it is the same sweet song that waves make against the shore. And I wonder who knew it first……but only for a moment, before just being glad they’ve shared. Deeper than the questions are the answers we’ve become. My love to you always. ❤

    • ‘petrichor’…..the scent of the earth after rain…..that fleeting sweetness must be a soul sister to your ‘sweet song’…….you and me and all of us……letting go of seeking and being the answer….yes oh yes Bobbie…..

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