surrender to love’s resilience

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Do not be afraid to love.

Without love, life is impossible.

…Thich Nhat Hanh

love cannot be separated, squandered, measured or denied… seeps into all of our issues, our longings, and our life-whisperings…..may we feed love’s roots within the breadth of the day…..

If we live long enough we get to discover the answer to this question. Sooner or later something happens- a loss, an injury, an illness- that defies the daily distractions or easy comforts. And we discover that which truly does sustain, within & around us. It will, of course, take different forms & be described in different words for us all- and yet, on some level I suspect it is always some form of the sacred & resilient nature of Life and Love, known by so many names. May we find, receive & offer deep sustenance…..Oriah Mountain Dreamer

moss & wine & rivers running….

The outward search has always been important to humanity – the sun, the moon, the stars – to find answers. At the same time, nature represents the inward search, which has more to do with inside. Knowledge can be learned and taught. Inside is something that you have to experience yourself.….Christian Houge

2 thoughts on “surrender to love’s resilience

  1. Love is at the beginning of all we are. Even when I thought I was too broken to stand, I was still lucky for having loved. Love remembers the song that is your heartbeat. It’s in your coffee cup, your bathwater, your tears. Our greatest failing is never in the loss, but in the forgetting……. Let us always keep a plate set for love. ❤

    • funny how much we learn about love when we give it……so much richer than expecting simply to receive it….from breath to heart to belly and back out again…..yes, dear Bobbie, let us feed each other…..

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