why do we need to be true?

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The privilege of a lifetime

is being who you are.

……Joseph Campbell

the intangible insight into a creative life moves with an intricate depth of giving and receiving….finding our core values of heart and breadth….moving, shining, being straight on with our deepest knowing….

When God Wakes Up Inside of You

you’ll lift your head like a sun-

flower in a field where the drops

of dew have risen to the tips

of every blade of grass. You’ll be

a bead of iridescence

ready to be taken up in the air.

On the day God turns to you

those dark forest eyes,

you’ll find yourself in a theater

watching an opera of your life,

standing up and yelling,

I thought it was a tragedy!

I thought it was a tragedy!

And when She comes from her bath

perfumed and newly-robed do you

think you’ll ever get that grin off your face?

And when Her robe falls to the floor

(did I say, Hers? Did I mean His?)

The rest of the day, the rest of your life, you’ll see

those eyes everywhere,

looking into the architectures

of light. Then only dancing

will make sense,

breathing Her breath,

His, until you find yourself

looking out the irises

of every stranger’s eyes.

….Michael Sowder

creative life force

Why does anybody tell a story? It does indeed have something to do with faith, faith that the universe has meaning, that our little human lives are not irrelevant, that what we choose or say or do matters, matters cosmically….Madeleine L’Engle

2 thoughts on “why do we need to be true?

  1. In the details, green becomes blue…..and sapphire, a peacock. Pink, the shade of baby shrimp and tortoise dreams. To pull open the doors is to remember new our knowing, a story not yet tested by the wait. May your days be glorious! ❤

    • these fine ‘wispies’ weave our stories with jewels and petals and fine imprinted bits of ourselves…..indeed, Bobbie, we dance in our woven shawls…..

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