to remember what we’ve never known


One of the most important- and most neglected- elements in the beginnings of the interior life is the ability to respond to reality, to see the value and the beauty in ordinary things, to come alive to the splendor that is all around us….Thomas Merton

it is time to rest, to quit doing, so that we may see all that we have missed….the minutiae of kindnesses unnoticed….the brilliant way the light seeps in…..

Joy is a meeting place, of deep intentionality and of self forgetting, the bodily alchemy of what lies inside us in communion with what formally seemed outside, but is now neither, but become a living frontier, a voice speaking between us and the world: dance, laughter, affection, skin touching skin, singing in the car, music in the kitchen, the quiet irreplaceable and companionable presence of a daughter: the sheer intoxicating beauty of the world inhabited as an edge between what we previously thought was us and what we thought was other than us…..David Whyte

you have never forgotten

And as to me,
I know nothing else but miracles.
….Walt Whitman

2 thoughts on “to remember what we’ve never known

  1. Ever notice that the wind makes the same sound blowing through the trees as waves on the shore? That nothing so emulates a moment of ecstasy as starlings loosed by the shudder of one? What wonder exists in the simple experience of grass kissing our feet? We are blessed beyond our ability to see just how big love is. ❤

    • you remind me to be immersed in my day….to settle in to big love even when I can’t see it…..this must be the joy that D Whyte speaks of ……may your day be anything but trite dear Bobbie…

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