the rise into creative awakening


Run my dear,
From anything
That may not strengthen
Your precious budding wings.

do you remember where you first encountered the deep satisfaction of this life? and then where it may have dulled along the way? maybe this ebb and flow is inherent in the creative ways of the heart…

To create one’s own life is a risky business. There are no ground rules, but the road is full of mighty and heroic examples of men and women who have given their life over to creativity, who have not sought material gain, but who have sought gain in the realm of the spirit, which, for me, is what brings peacefulness or happiness to life.

…..Godfrey Reggio

whimsical & wild

Living as an artist … it’s inspiring and intense. It’s being a magician; it’s a creative alchemy on a grand scale. It’s shaping reality to reflect the most pristine vision of sunlight and fields of tulips and blue dusk on the Seine and shadows in the woods at night. Living in community is a constant theatrical practice of living this kind of generosity as an art form.

Not just offering an object, but the soul, your life’s mission ignited and on fire, burning with a thousand different flames, all blazing and sparking together in more than a lifetime of sleepless nights and saturated days.

Your soul has something to say. Let it come out and play.

….Quaglia Cocco

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