the rising of ancient ghosts


There is no substantiality in any one thing. You do not have a nature separate from any river or any material conditions. When we shift our patterns of perception, we shift our patterns of behavior. This shift in seeing helps us get unstuck. Nothing has a solid sense, everything is temporary, and all life is interrelational. All aspects and elements of life have these qualities. This is vast interconnectedness. Like a pearl rolling on a tray, our job is to keep up with how we feel and express ourselves when the time is right: sudden, ready, uninhibited. I find great comfort in knowing that we are never alone……Michael Stone

nothing can weigh down the freedom of our truth…..the truth that binds us, tethers us, frees us….all in one breath….in the act of pure intention we let go and fly…..

Days and nights, in walking, standing still, sitting and lying down, if you always contemplate in this way, you will know that your own body is like the moon in water, the reflection in a mirror, the heat waves in a hot day, the echo in the empty valley. You cannot say it is a being because even if you try to catch it you cannot see its substance. You cannot say it is non-being either because it is clearly in front of your eyes……Doshin

ghosts & shadows

Blindly accelerating, we burn through entire galaxies of other life, unimaginably interlinked and unmapped- amputating ourselves from the rest of Creation, whether destroyed or still undestroyed. The risks are unfathomable. And if you don’t find this tragic, open your heart……Edward Hoagland

2 thoughts on “the rising of ancient ghosts

  1. So many struggle with their truth, and yet in that, sure misery. The truth doesn’t change just because we pretend it isn’t there. My love to you, dearest. ❤

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