an inner fusion of this & that


Do not seek the because – in love there is no because,

no reason, no explanation, no solutions.
……Anaïs Nin

so it may be time to lay it all to rest…..the discontent, the maelstrom of second guessing, and the questioning of love’s gracious experiment….

The soul’s perspective on eternity is different from the spirit’s. Spiritually, we might imagine eternity as an infinite time. Or we might imagine a spiritual state in which time itself is transcended, such as the state of bliss in the Christian heaven, or of absorption in meditation in the East. The soul’s eternity is closer to home. It is a way of being in the present, knowing that timeless issues, matters not directly caused and affected by temporal events, are in play. Honoring the eternal elements in a relationship sets things in perspective. When soul is given a place, the relationship receives a sacred grounding. We can relate to each other as persons even in the face of forces and issues that are difficult to deal with, maybe precisely because they come to us from outside. Clearly, a receptive attitude would require significant adjustments on the part of those in relationship, but this is exactly what a soulful connection asks- a sometimes extraordinary degree of adaptability and flexibility. It isn’t easy, if it is possible at all, to banish an angel who has a mission. What we perceive as an intrusion into a comfortable phase of a relationship may be, from the angel’s point of view, the opportunity for creative developments. Such turns and changes reveal the movement of life’s cycles….Thomas Moore

this is my home

The higher we soar

the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly.

….Friedrich Nietzsche

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