coming up from the infinite

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I stand at the threshold and wait. Watching, listening, scanning the horizon. My soul is filled with wonder and beauty. My lungs expand with deep breathing from the beginning of time. Silence fills my breath, penetrating deep into my core and the outer reaches of my toes, fingers and very tips of the ends of the hairs on my head. I am filled: with breath, silence, beauty, wonder, hope, vastness and expanse. Deep blue skies, puffy clouds, green grass and carpets of wildflowers……..I cross the threshold and enter in….Sharon Richards

where is the trust so deep? where is the vulnerable release? where is the darkest ink of night reflected in the heart? may these moments resonate in the well of your remembering…..

Only silence comes close to allowing us to experience what the divine Otherness means. We have to admit all the ways we co-opt the idea of God for our own purposes, both individually and in community. Daily we hear people utter all kinds of certainties about who God is, often at the expense of the freedom and dignity of others. When we enter into the profound experience of ‘unknowing,’ however, we speak with much more humility about what we do and do not know about God’s nature. This path of unknowing is an antidote to the literalism and fundamentalism so rampant in our world. But because it is not an easy path, one that requires us to release our illusions of control and idols of God, most of us do not even embark on the journey until life events confront us with this truth. We enter the wisdom of night, the place where we can honor that which is nameless within us, that which is still seed and not blossom. We release all of our thoughts, desires, and strivings, and simply rest in the presence of the One Who Is, already there with us in the sacred space of our hearts……Christine Valters Paintner

sacred, whispering circles

Give your question to silence
and let silence answer it.
Silence is alive in you, as you.

2 thoughts on “coming up from the infinite

  1. There have been moments when I wondered whether morning would ever come, aches that reached deeper than bone. But somehow, another came – another moment when I saw clearly not only the sorrow, but the unending joy that stayed long past the tears. Our bliss is in the remembering all that loved us well……… ❤ May your heart swell to hold all that sings to you.

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