the aesthetics of discovery


There is something wonderfully bold and liberating about saying yes to our entire imperfect and messy life……Tara Brach

to dwell in depth and the truth of something, an embracing of kindness and wonder…..breathing in to loosen the deep disconnect, the isolation, and the unfurling of dazzled light…..

Life is rich in the time of keeping still, sap flowing, cells curing, changes taking place.

I will return to the great tree and be convinced once again that her branches have danced in the night, and I will know that beneath her outer black stillness there is life living deeply.

Inside us all, in the depths of our winters, things are going on, things we will have no clue of until spring comes, and perhaps not even then.

….Gerald May

an indigenous way of being

The winds of change are perennially blowing through our inner worlds and our lives. When we try to stop them, or ignore or resist them, we inevitably suffer. These winds remind us again and again that there is ultimately nothing in this world that is permanent, that everything is in a state of flux. To live in harmony with this reality means cultivating an inner resilience and the ability to let go when circumstances inevitably change. Seeing this fluidity means that we have infinite capacity to grow and change. We are not locked into who or how we are. Change is the basic premise on which spiritual practice is based, as the movement to enlightenment is an expression of our ever-present potential to transform…..Mark Coleman

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