moon riddles



no time to rest
it is the harvest

time to gather
one’s strengths
ambitions & desires
let go of weakness
frailties & failings

time to plow
all is right
for the pickings

this harvest moon
lights the sky
gifts abound
look to the fields
look to the orchards

fill your baskets
with nature’s blessings
saturate your mind
with moon beams
clarifying your dreams
uniting inspiration & ideas

the moon reflects
it’s light upon you

step back
look in the mirror
and ask

what do i reflect

….Gwynneth Green

 soul tending may begin with moon gazing….may be richer with the tide of deep emotions, and may invite the most spectacular new insights……be still and listen….

Every phenomenon on Earth is symbolic,
and each symbol is an open gate through
which the soul, if it is ready, can enter into
the inner part of the world, where you and I
and day and night are all one.
…..Hermann Hesse


Evening light
gracing the threshold
I enter my true home
…..Gunilla Norris

2 thoughts on “moon riddles

  1. The symbolism of the moon to the astrologer is that by reflecting the light of the sun it represents the personality of the individualized soul in creation. It is obvious these writers sense that intuitively, instinctively … may the silvery moon light the path to your soul …

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