free falling without a sound


Silence is exhilarating at first – as noise is – but there is a sweetness to silence outlasting exhilaration, akin to the sweetness of listening and the velvet of sleep…… Edward Hoagland

this dear sweet spot where rhythm and noise coalesce……soul listening…..where we subconsciously revitalize our power…..where we enter the intuitive spectrum…..may we tend to the quiet slowly…..

The Moon’s Hanging on a Hook in the Sky.

My mom always gets up in the middle of the night to work in the quiet, drink several pots of Earl Grey tea, and enjoy whatever book she’s currently reading. Sometimes she sews or cleans, but the point is, it is her most productive time of day.

I find, the older I get, the more these hours before the world wakes up and has coffee, become my power hours, as well. I love to write when the moon’s still up and I can hear my cats softly purring on the chairs nearby.

Waking, Perchance to Dream.

I love being awake while others sleep. It is as though I am living in a world within a world — one that most folks miss out on, too busy walking briskly within the designated lines and structures of modern society. I like being the first to open the page of a new day.

I like staring into its crisp white blankness and wondering what will unfold.

Today, I savor this quiet hour — flavored with coffee and a sense of wonder. I stand in the empty rooms of this particular and unique and only day ahead, and I listen for the heartbeat of what’s to come.

I listen for the drums of change and the hoof beats of the horses — metaphorical or otherwise — that will carry me through the hours ahead.

I taste the silence, swim in this river of wordlessness, listen to the hum of the house where I live.

I love this stillness. I love it with my whole being.

…..Shavawn M. Berry

the color of silence

We feel the presence of Silence throughout the physical world as a kind of touch, like that of a warm breeze on the skin on a fall day. We feel its presence as a living surround that fills us within. Our whole body, as sensory organ in itself, senses this realm. We cannot say we experience Silence just in front of us, or to one side, or above, or in back of us.It is all around and also within, and yet it has the quality of a complete Other. This intimate Other actively produces our soul experience of being an individual of embodied spirit in the world. This bodily experience cures us of the disease of dualism, for in feeling the depth of the spirit-body’s individuality we leave the illusion of a self that is located somewhere inside us and enter into the fullness of the reality of being a whole person. Being a whole person means we experience what it is like to be body, soul, and spirit as one…….Robert Sardello

3 thoughts on “free falling without a sound

  1. There is a boarder-land, between dream worlds the one we call awake and the one we call sleeping where the whole of consciousness blends together … in that place is the silence of falling

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