the vulnerability of kindness

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~out on the ocean

With five miles to go
of open ocean
the eyes pierce the horizon,

the kayak pulls round
like a pony held by unseen reins
shying out of the ocean

and the spark behind fear,
recognized as life,
leaps into flame.

Always this energy smoulders inside,
when it remains unlit,
the body fills with dense smoke.

….David Whyte

introspection serves……when we cannot connect to inner awareness, we cannot offer calm to others…..synchronization, self-reflection, sensual grace……may we stream into ceremony with kindness…..

So in seeking goodness, one seeks that inward thing which is not a thing, but a feeling: an empathy, an understanding of our mutual helplessness in the face of difficult lives and the inevitability of death. It becomes a question mark that moves through life with us; a constant reexamination of one’s own intentions and motives, a willingness to see oneself not through one’s own eyes, but through the eyes of others. This goodness does not consist of doing what is right because it is good; it consists of doing what is good because it is right…..Lee Van Laer

finding encouragement to be brilliant

Blue Mind~ pertaining to the mildly meditative state characterized  by calm, peacefulness, unity, and a sense of general satisfaction with life in the moment……Sarah Greenman

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