the way to intuit messages


I can’t begin again; because there is no re-do, no resurrection, of beginning. Beginning is always and eternally now, as Meister Eckhart points out; and the moment I think I will start over, I have already misunderstood. Beginning involves this moment, only this moment, shorn of the baggage of my yardstick.

This is, of course, an enormous difficulty; in order for me to understand this fully, I have to be in relationship with a quite different energy than the ordinary energies I work with. Yet I know that it is possible; and in the midst of suffering every insufficiency I am capable of mustering (and I am quite capable in this area of insufficiency, an expert, even) I must search for this zero, this beginning that I live in the midst of.

I see that my subjective beliefs and emotional attachments glue me like epoxy to the inner yardstick; and I see that Grace has a power to dissolve that. My ego is frustrating to me; yet I’m the prisoner of it. Even at my best this force of ego has an iron grip, spread out evenly over all of my parts.

The inner practice of humility, I think, comes deeply only over the course of a long lifetime in which I begin to appreciate that I do not have the power to separate myself from my beliefs, from my yardstick, and find that ground zero at which the inner towers fall and Grace alone stands tall.

I wait for this moment; and perhaps that is the zero I ought to turn towards.

…..Lee Van Leer

where do we seek guidance? of all the distractions, input, confusion and challenge, what do we embrace, enfold, and entrench into our lives? if this creative flow and divine knowing that we all crave is what we already know, how do we experience its presence? is it as simple and as difficult as saying so? as being in the intuitive moment?

When we feel our togetherness, there are countless ways to express our care . While it is easy to get caught up believing we should be doing something more or different, what really matters is that we care. As Mother Teresa teaches, ‘We can do no great things – only small things with great love”…….. Tara Brach

communing with Source

Humility is a powerful antidote to a strong personality. By realizing that our personality does not, and cannot, know everything, we cultivate receptivity to soul communication. When our personality becomes the servant of our soul, we shift from using the will of the personality, with its divisive and selfish motives, to activating the Will of the soul, with its inclusiveness and willingness to serve. For example, if we sincerely want to meditate regularly, we will also need a daily willingness to set aside our personality urgings and to humbly and attentively listen for the voice of our soul. Eventually, with practice, life becomes a living meditation as we become mindful of the “still small voice” of the soul that guides us, moment to moment…..Susan Wisehart

3 thoughts on “the way to intuit messages

  1. ‘the beginning involves this moment. and only this moment, shorn of the baggage of my inner yardstick…….

    ……….and find that ground zero at which the inner towers fall and Grace alone stands tall.’

    Wow, graced words that stand alone in the light.

    “Grace alone stands tall.” A call to freedom.

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