to sleep within our dreams

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Continue making connections with all the good
things around, you will see that the outside world
is brighter and more beautiful than before, because
you have put an end to forgetfulness and have lit
the lamp of mindfulness. You have begun again
to be nourished by what is wonderful in life.
……Thich Nhat Hanh

we treasure our most intimate knowings & then we forget them……we honor this life & then we forget to honor the day to day miracles……may we hold lightly….this being the ultimate paradox to being here fully……

As the great mystic Saint John of the Cross said, “In order to come to the knowledge you have not, you must go by a way in which you know not.” I love this quote. It’s entirely paradoxical. It is what my teacher referred to as “the backward step”: coming to knowledge not through knowing, but through not knowing. Once you get to the frontier of your mind, to its farthest outreach, you’ll come to a place where you can’t go any further, where the next thought would just take you back into the mind rather than beyond it. When most people get to this point, they either turn back into their mind, or they just start to move along this imaginary frontier, imagining what it would be like to move beyond it. This is the doorway to the place beyond suffering. You begin to let go. You begin to embrace the not knowing. Embracing the unknown makes us wonderfully and beautifully humble- not humiliated, but truly humble. That’s what I call “aware spirit,” or “awake spirit.” Dive fully into this openness and avail yourself of the intimacy found there, in not knowing……Adyashanti

the trail we leave behind

True living absolutely requires presence: more presence, more life. Without presence, life passes us by: we neither participate in nor experience our life. Presence means being at home in ourselves, being here, not only in contact with our sensory experience, but also doing what we are doing, not just letting life happen passively. Consciousness, the foundation of presence, is a timeless energy of wholeness and space. Yet consciousness is not enough: we need the will to be present, the will to be. This simple will-to-be supports our presence, giving us life. Its source lies in the higher worlds. The challenge is to open ourselves sufficiently, so as not to block or divert that wind flowing through us from Above…….Joseph Naft

2 thoughts on “to sleep within our dreams

  1. What is the unknown, other than a place our thought has not traveled yet … This is the magical place in life. To have reached the edge of our known universe and realize, accept, believe, know, that the unknown, is simply our undiscovered country. We let go of fear as falsehood, and cling to love as our guide ! May the unknown find you staring in its direction …

    • yes, to honor the murky view……renewed & refreshed by not being tied to outcome……like rifling through the attic of our lives & seeing the grand vastness of the past instead of asking how & why……

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