harmony & clarity of discomfort

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It can be so subtle, can’t it? The ways we avoid the real. I still catch myself using positivity and perfection as a cover, as a way to avoid those confusing, chaotic and disappointing places that feel uncomfortable. Yes, there is a place for order and achievement, but if we can’t live in the discomforts, we aren’t really here. We can’t be here and only show up for some of it, can we? It’s all divinity, even the murky, mucky and mad…..Jeff Brown

this enlightened mystery begs us to not romanticize, to not overwhelm, to not feed the impulsive negativity, to not negate our sad hearts……may we pause and feel before we judge these big, open, wild, sad hearts……

“Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”  …..Victor Frankl

I have great respect for Victor Frankl. He was not only a concentration camp survivor during the Holocaust, but also someone who went on to help others find goodness and meaning in life. He was a man from whom we can learn something about what it means to be human and how to be our best – sometimes in spite of our inclinations. And the above quote is incredibly wise guidance in these very areas.

In it, he implies that people often react without thinking.  We frequently don’t choose our behaviors so much as just act them out. But he observes that we don’t need to accept such reflexive reactions. Instead, we can learn to notice that there is a “space” before we react. He suggests that we can grow and change and be different if we can learn to recognize, increase, and make use of this ‘space.’ With such awareness, we can find freedom from the dictates of both external and internal pressures. And with that, we can find inner happiness.

Victor Frankl was clearly an extraordinary man. Most of us can only wish for his moral strength, insight, and wisdom. But we can follow his lead by looking for the ‘space’ in our own lives. When faced with situations that pull for some particular reaction, we can choose to respond instead. Frankl found his ‘space’ through finding meaning. Others find it through prayer, meditation, or therapy…..Dr. Leslie Becker-Phelps

to witness the ephemeral…..

We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us…… Marcel Proust


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