the grace in receiving



Let me keep company always
with those who say ‘Look!’
and laugh in astonishment,
and bow their heads.
…..Mary Oliver

hold close those that feed you….those that know magic even sweeter than you…..those that carry you through the times you don’t even realize you need to be carried….and those that honor the deep dark with you…..

Life is always magic. Always fun.

Inside we can always be children, fascinated with beauty and nature. We can always be surprised, as if every time we see something, we see it with new eyes. We can make sure our hearts and minds are always curious.

1. Daydream 2. Laugh 3. Spend Time Alone.  4. Play.

5. Dance.  6. Enjoy Nature.

Keeping the magic alive is not just for relationships, it’s for our own souls; to always remain amazed at what’s in front of us and to always find the humor and color in life. You are magic….Zoe Quiney

into the kiss

Surround me with your loving arms…

hold me in your heart.
Let me know that I am loved
and that I can love.
Show me that no matter where I go
That I come and go in You.
I am never out of your loving presence.
That you are the smile behind the smile,
the touch behind the touch
The kiss behind the kiss…
You are the constant presence that I forget

until I remember
and when I remember my Self, I remember You.
I sing your Name. What else can I think of?

You are Love.
And I am You.

….Krishna Das

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