in a cafe with a soul friend



What takes a lifetime to learn is the existence and substance of myriad relationships, it is these relationships, not the things themselves, that ultimately hold the human imagination……Barry Lopez

to seek one’s heart through the heart of another can be pure and soft like a reflective arc of rainbows….may you know the beauty of a smile and raw connection…..

We live in an interdependent world, with every single life in relationship with many other lives, many Others. The field of relations that constitute a human life is endless, and perhaps best described as everything we directly experience. Yet this merely describes our local set of relations. But the vaster intelligence of the world is calling on us to hear and truly see the Others. We are being asked to foster a relational way of seeing, to read the signs, to recognize the patterns, and to feel the pulses threading through us. Whether or not we notice relational ways of seeing depends on the focus of our attention, on how deeply we are looking and on how willing we are to be uncertain, relinquishing the habits of absolutist, dualistic thought. But my ultimate interest is in perceiving the relationships between our imaginal, intuitive, and sensuous selves and the rest of nature. In an era hungry for heart and meaning, they remind us of our belonging and purpose within a tremendously vast field of conversation, through the senses, with the powers of the planet. They offer conversation, through the senses, with the powers of the planet- with the forms and forces of nature that are whole and healthy and bigger than ourselves…….Laura Sewall

to care with a full heart

It’s a shift from seeing a world made up of things to seeing a world that’s open and primarily made up of relationships, where whatever is manifest, whatever we see, touch, feel, taste, and hear, whatever seems most real to us, is actually nonsubstantial. A deeper level of reality exists beyond anything we can articulate….Peter Senge

4 thoughts on “in a cafe with a soul friend

  1. We speak of matter as though it were real, and the end of the conversation. Reality is Spirit, energy in motion having no where to go but down and then out again from form, to know itself! May the dreams of life blend with your breath on the wind, finding its own truth …

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