consider the gray

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The wilderness and the solitary place

shall be glad for them;

and the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose.

It shall blossom abundantly,

and rejoice even with joy and singing-

They shall see the glory of the Lord-

for in the wilderness shall waters break out,

and streams in the desert-

And a highway shall be there, and a way,

and it shall be called The way of holiness.

….Isaiah 35: 1-10

to trust in the way our lives are unfolding is a daunting task yet immeasurable in its power to claim our destiny… is so simple…..why do we forget? how can we bear witness?

If the earthly no longer knows your name,

whisper to the silent earth:

I’m flowing.


the trek through mystery

We take ourselves to be so much less than we are. We know best the confined and anxious spaces of the mental ego, but each of us has experienced each level of consciousness at some point in our lives, if only for a fraction of a second. Because we are multidimensional, because we have access- if just for moments- to greater dimensions of depth that arise when we move inward toward the Center, we witness the humblingly beautiful human qualities of joy and wonder and loving-kindness and mercy and playfulness. Grace is the common thread linking dying, contemplative practice, and spiritual growth. The qualities of Grace, of Being, arise in moments of self-forgetfulness. The Light reveals itself when we take off the blinders. May it be our legacy to future generations to begin to part the veils and reveal in increasing splendor the Light that is our true nature. May we live each moment in deeper awareness of the unendingly loving patterns of emergence and remergence, the perpetual inhalation and exhalation of Life. May we articulate, so that all can hear, that this life is a gift- and right now, in this very moment, we have it! Consider what it is to Be…….Kathleen Dowling Singh

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