the realm between walking & dreaming


Just yesterday while walking alone,
I saw the old path strewn with Autumn leaves,
and the brilliant moon, hanging over the gate,
suddenly appeared like the image of an old friend.
And all the stars confirmed that you were there!
……Thich Nhat Hanh

how can we not feel good and grounded when we interlock our hearts? how can we not unearth hearty and bountiful goodness when we honor our truth? let go and ebb and flow and lean into the questions…….

The universe is bound together in communion, each thing with all the rest. The gravitational bond unites all the galaxies, the electromagnetic interaction bonds all the molecules; the genetic information connects all the generations of the ancestral tree of life. We live in interwoven layers of bondedness….Brian Swimme

spilling over into bliss

How do we open ourselves to insight into the deepest levels of reality? By dropping the limitations of ordinary thinking and feeling in our bodies our connectedness to all life. If we want to live in truth, we must question every belief we cling to and let go of whatever insults our souls. If we want to know and experience oneness with the Divine, with others, in ourselves, we must give up our dualities, our fragmented thinking and dare to endanger our prior assumptions. There is not the sacred and the profane, the earthly and the heavenly, the sinners and the saved. There is only The One Thing, infusing and infused into everything. The mystics in every tradition have been guiding us toward this awareness for centuries……..Jan Phillips

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