casting away indifference


All things below are symbols of that which is above. They are sustained by forces that flow from hidden worlds. You grasp the essence of the here by conceiving the beyond, for this world is the reality of the spirit in a state of trance. The manifestation of the mystery is suspended, with ourselves living in lethargy…..Abraham Heschel

seeking tender care toward our own hearts……seeking bright color toward clear vision……seeking movement in the trees and grass toward understanding our sacredness….

My Daughter: “I hope there’s an animal

Somewhere that nobody has ever seen.

And I hope nobody ever sees it.”

Being, whose flesh dissolves

at our glance, knower

of the secret sums and measures,

you are always here,

dwelling in the oldest sycamores,

visiting the faithful springs

when they are dark and the foxes

have crept to their edges.

I have come upon pools

in streams, places overgrown

with the woods’ shadow,

where I knew you had rested,

watching the little fish

hang still in the flow;

as I approached they seemed

particles of your clear mind

disappearing among the rocks.

I have waked deep in the woods

in the early morning, sure

that while I slept

your gaze passed over me.

That we do not know you

is your perfection

and our hope. The darkness

keeps us near you.

…Wendell Berry

 where the crossroads connect

Exchange your righteousness for humanness,

your judgments for compassion,

your hopelessness for faith,

your armor for love.

Such a sweet planet we live on

when we walk it with heart.

Love it Forward.

…..Jeff Brown

4 thoughts on “casting away indifference

  1. It’s a if perception creates our rea;ity, I suppose the fact is it does! There is more to the tree falling in the forest question than we might think. Is there a multiverse – The Quantum Physicists are debating that right now … What’s to debate!

    • so much beauty in the physical, quantum world……..we live in our brains, not our bodies…….so much symbolic rhetoric that undermines us…..may we find a little purity in our experience g.f.s…..

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