in the time of starkness

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We get more compassionate as we evolve. More humble. More subtle. More aware of how little we know. We don’t get superior. We don’t form cults of personality. We don’t think we have it all worked out. If we imagine ourselves ‘all that’, then we have actually devolved. I trust the ones who know a little something but don’t know a whole lot, more than the ones who ‘know it all’. I trust the ones who realize how far they have yet to travel. We have so much more to learn. All of us. Let’s walk together, side by side…..David Whyte

these complex emotions and diatribes and eras of our lives hold us captive sometimes…..may we lean into them, know that we ebb and flow, that these spaces have purpose……we are reminded to heal gently and hold lightly……

A Bout of Anguish

This year has been laced with difficulties

In the world at Home.

Old grievances have erupted,

ricocheting between family members.

Bad fortune has beset loved ones.

Upheaval. Uncertainty. The persistent feeling

that nothing will ever work out.

So I wandered away. To the forest. To walk.

The days were Quiet. The walks slow. Stopping

to look at wildflowers, rocks or old man’s beard,

the moss that hung from the trees. And the trees

themselves. Some over 1,000 years old.

They were just there. You know, just there

and not thinking. One walks past them and

breathes through some sadness, fortified

to go back to whatever it is that lurks or awaits.

Bad and Good.

…..Maira Kalman

laid bare in the cold

I think there is nothing we, as human beings, resist more than a spiritual winter. If humans did not resist the stripping away of their own identities and allowed themselves to experience wintertime, we would all be enlightened. If we just let wintertime dawn in us, there is a natural stripping away, more like a falling away. When you are very still and quiet, falling away happens naturally. If you are not trying to control anything, you feel certain thought patterns and energetic qualities falling away like leaves or snow falling; it’s a delicate falling. This is what spiritual inquiry is for. Asking “Who am I?” is being present in the space of not-knowing and questioning all your beliefs and assumptions. The realization of eternal truth comes at the expense of all of your illusions.

Of course humans have abilities that trees don’t. If trees were like humans, you would see them reaching down with their branches and raking up all the leaves to hold onto them for security. Wouldn’t you feel bad if you saw the trees doing this, holding all their leaves to themselves as if they were in an existential crisis? This is our tendency, to pick up the pieces of our pet beliefs and theories, and hold on for dear life…..Adyashanti

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