our intertwined rainbows


The old in many societies spend a considerable part of their time playing with and taking care of the youngsters, while the parents delve and spin: so that the old are returned to the sphere of eternal things not only within but without. And we may take it also, I should think, that the considerable mutual attraction of the very young and the very old may derive something from their common, secret knowledge that it is they, and not the busy generation between, who are concerned with a poetic play that is eternal and truly wise……Joseph Campbell

we feed each other’s mysteries, bring light to each other’s soul stories, and honor the deep connectedness we mirror…..the longing we hold is the delicate thread, the deep fissure, and the desired hope……

Large numbers of young people are waking up. And they are saying, ‘We are not here just to work for multinational corporations and make money for them. We are here to live. We have to find the meaning of life.’ The old story is a story of measurement. And the New Story is to bring measurement and meaning together. You cannot measure meaning……..Satish Kumar

trust in kinship

Whenever we forget our story we become confused but the winds and the rivers and the mountains never become confused. We must go to them constantly to be reminded of it for every being in the universe is what it is only through its participation in the story. We are resensitized whenever we listen to what they are telling us. Long ago they told us that we must be guided by a reverence and a restraint in our relations with the larger community of life. That we must respect the powers of the surrounding universe. That only though a sensitive insertion of ourselves into the great celebration of the earth community can we expect the support of the earth community. If we violate the integrity of this community we will die…….Thomas Berry

2 thoughts on “our intertwined rainbows

  1. The constant is our reminder, that unhurried patience endures. As the elders and the children know life is play, not to be taken so seriously that we miss the leaves changing color, the hush of new fallen snow, the freshness of a spring morning, or warm summer sand between our toes, this is what we keep …

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