pure experience


The imagination creates a pathway of reverence for the visitations of beauty. It opens up diverse ways into the complex and lyrical forest of experience. To awaken the imagination is to retrieve, reclaim and re-enter experience in fresh ways. As Bill Stafford says: ‘You are the only world expert on your own experience.’ There is no-one else to illuminate our experience but ourselves. The imagination offers revelation. It never blasts us with information or numbs us with description. It coaxes us into a new situations. As the scene unfolds, we find ourselves engaged in its questions and possibilities, and new revelation dawns. The imagination reveals truth in such a way that we can receive and integrate it……John O’Donohue

to crave beauty and serenity and perfect calm…..like a sweet cool wave of cloud and breeze and sunlight…..what color shines through? this simply may be the golden light that attunes us….like the star on the top of our tree……

The beauty of color derives from shape, from the conquest of the darkness inherent in Matter, by the pouring in of light, the unembodied…….Plotinus

seen from here

every now and then,
when this world sits just right,
a gentle breath of heaven
fills my soul with delight,
and I see ~
……Hazelmarie Elliott

4 thoughts on “pure experience

  1. Yes, once in a while, walking the mall, sipping coffee at breakfast, or under a waxing moon, I suddenly wake and see … And just as soon the world comes back in, like waking from a dream, and recalling the day’s needs …

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