a Christmas Eve inquiry

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Ah, not to be cut off,

not through the slightest partition

shut out from the law of the stars.

The inner- what is it?

if not intensified sky,

hurled through with birds and deep

with the winds of homecoming.


may the offerings of this special Christmas Eve haunt our hearts in beautiful ways…..may we bear witness to our own generosity, pause under the holy darkness, and reflect on the evocative and mystic prayer of the soul……

The mystic heart in its maturity reflects the essential elements, gifts, and genius of all the traditions of spiritual wisdom: an actual moral capacity, solidarity with all living beings, deep nonviolence, humility, spiritual practice, mature self-knowledge, simplicity of life, selfless service and compassionate action, and the prophetic voice. These are further refined through a series of capacities that result from the inner journey: openness, presence, listening, being, seeing, spontaneity and joy. All are part of the universal mystical tradition that undergirds the religions and cultures of the world. A universal spirituality also has a place for various approaches to the transformation from self-interest to other-centeredness, love, compassion, mercy and kindness. This labor of transformation is the work of the contemplative in all of us, and generously accepting that work permits us to cultivate our own mystic character. The mystic character grows out of humility of heart and simplicity of spirit, a radical openness to what is real…..Wayne Teasdale

pause in prayer

The darkness of December and its slow but faithful movement toward the light are crucibles for investigating the mystic heart. There are unlimited ways in which we can connect with our own mystic qualities this month: qualities such as openness, presence, generosity, kindness, and joy. Illuminating December’s darkness with candles or colorful lights is an outer action that kindles the reminder of the light of our own inner spirit. Gift-giving offers a wonderful opportunity to express our heartfelt generosity and to delight those who truly matter in our lives. As the year draws to a close, let us recall the many gifts it has brought to us- and that we have brought to the world. Let us end our year of gratitude with appreciation and thanks for all…….Angeles Arrien

4 thoughts on “a Christmas Eve inquiry

  1. solidarity with all living things……….difficult….with those that slaughter hundreds of children …………..yet whatever creates that kind of cold in a heart has to have become unbearable

    without grace who knows what we ourselves might be capable of

    perhaps there is the possibility of solidarity

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