profound & holy peace


Stillness is the altar of Spirit.


hold each other close……allow the quiet reverence to seep into the light……rest with peace……be the warmest heart imaginable…..

Here in the north, these are the longest nights- nights for Dreamers to journey into the collective dream & find together the courage to live & dream with open hearts. Being intimately present, we find ways to heal ourselves & the world. May we dream lucidly together. Blessed be……Oriah Mountain Dreamer

the magnificent query

Grace is one of the most majestic words in theology. It suggests the sublime spontaneity of the divine which no theory or category could ever capture. Grace has its own elegance. Its presence and force remain unmeasurable and unpredictable. Grace also suggests how fluent and seamless the divine presence is. Grace is the permanent climate of divine kindness. It suggests a compassion and understanding for all the ambivalent and contradictory dimensions of the human experience and pain. This climate of kindness nurtures the sore landscape of the human heart and urges torn ground to heal and become fecund. Grace is the perennial infusion of springtime into the winter of bleakness…….John O’Donohue

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