mellow & true



We are put here for a little space

that we may learn

how to bear the beams of love.

…..William Blake

it’s time to let go, to ease into the gentle reflections of the past year, to reminisce, to love deep like this winter’s night and to dream wildly…….

Most of us have trouble enlivening our passion, our longing for Wholeness. So, more than other living things, we maneuver our lives to trigger us into passion. Some find themselves ignited by glimpses of the Whole; sight is what opens them to their energy. They thrive on perception. And some find themselves unbound by their interaction with others. Still others need vast open spaces where all the thorny shrubs they’ve tucked around their passion can be blown aside. Others need to drown in music before they stop fighting the deep. I write. The instruments vary, and the line between desire and longing often blurs. But does it matter if I write or you read to regain that center, or if you give or get therapy to re-enter that evasive sense of being alive? I have no answers. I only know I have never feared the essential, only, in weak moments, my ability to reach it. It’s frightening because, if what I say is true, God is not some horizon we chase. No Love is the cellular form of God, waiting to burst from us……Mark Nepo

rest easy

If we had the power over the ends of the Earth, it would not give us that fulfillment of existence which a quiet devoted relationship to nearby life can give us…..Martin Buber


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