secrets of gathering strength


is the simple but profound wisdom
of yielding to rather than
opposing the flow of life.
……Eckhart Tolle

finding our truest colors requires a vision of peace and flow…..of intuitive trust and inquisitive insight….may it be so…..

To the attentive eye,
each moment of the year
has its own beauty,
and in the same field,
it beholds,
every hour,
a picture which was never seen before,
and which shall never be seen again.
……Ralph Waldon Emerson

to underestimate the heart

There is a shimmering field of pure potential
within you where every story in the universe lives.
The story your heart knows is possible is here, available.
It is gestating in your sanity, radiating from the flawless mirror of your heart, spinning from the pure creative power which is your womb.

Look around you, feel into your surroundings, your life.
There are objects, people, schedules, health issues,
annoying bosses, money, world crisis, politicians,
work, practice, partners or no partner…

and then there is the story you tell about it all.

Is the story you are feeding plugging you
deeper into drama and entanglement,
or is it setting you free?

…..Chameli Devi Ardagh

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