a niche in the heart


Within the mystery of life there is the infinite darkness of the night sky lit by distant orbs of fire, the cobbled skin of an orange that releases its fragrance to our touch, the unfathomable depths of the eyes of our lover. No creation story, no religious system can fully describe or explain this richness and depth. Mystery is so ever-present that no one can know for certain what will happen one hour from now. From mystery’s vantage there is no fixed path. In truth there is no path at all, for that would be to place it into the realm of space and time. To awaken is not to fix or hold but to love whatever is here. Knowing this truth releases our hearts from grasping. The mystery that gave us birth becomes a dance…..Jack Kornfield

life as a poetic reverie of incandescent space…..in between anything worthy of definition…..allowing life to simply wash over us…..

The most surprising thing about the process of spiritual opening is how unexpected it becomes. I had studied the sacred texts for years, but I never knew what was coming next. Powerful experiences would come; new possibilities beyond my knowing and beliefs would sweep over me. I learned that experience is never how we think it will be. Understanding this is real wisdom…..a Sufi master

finding meaing

Lord, the air smells good today,

straight from the mysteries within the inner courts of God.

A grace like new clothes thrown across the garden,

free medicine for everybody.

The trees in their prayer,

the birds in praise…..Rumi

2 thoughts on “a niche in the heart

  1. In “The Black Swan” Nicholas Taleb discusses how these myterious appearances, these Black Swans will appear and change everything without any anticipation of the event. Prophets do not fortell an indeterminate future, the are the wayshowers of thought, feeling, and emotion in the collective minds and the consequence of that direction…

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