smallness grounded in wholeness



The greatest secret of life is….

and remember it always that…

life is a gift.


shifting focus from smallness to the mysteries of the moon, the ocean, the heart……to know our little cares and deepest and smallest nuances are held in the great wisdom and flow of wonderment…..

Continue making connections with all the good
things around, you will see that the outside world
is brighter and more beautiful than before, because
you have put an end to forgetfulness and have lit
the lamp of mindfulness. You have begun again
to be nourished by what is wonderful in life.
……Thich Nhat Hanh

learning from the heart

A dear friend and teacher of yoga died recently. At her memorial service, it was said that during her life she “made the hard decisions with a soft heart.” To me, this is the essence of faith. When we have faith in ourselves and others, we are able to make difficult decisions when necessary. But at the same time, we do not lose the compassion and softness inside that connects us to others. When I lose faith in myself or in the Universe, my decisions are more likely to make out of fear or anger. if I try to make life’s difficult decisions without connecting with my heart, I do not act in the best interests of all concerned. My faith is most apparent when I have the courage to act from my heart and the compassion to stay open. This is the ultimate expression of faith. I am reminded of another Japanese folk Zen saying:

Fish live in streams

Birds nest in trees

Human beings dwell

In warm hearts.

To keep faith, recite both Japanese folk Zen sayings in this chapter. They will help to soothe you during trying times and strengthen your resolve in lighter moments.

….Judith Lassiter

5 thoughts on “smallness grounded in wholeness

  1. It seems my settings have become dislodged and I no longer get notice of your postings. But know this. My heart does. Always you are a peace I remember. Love ❤

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