the secret of knowing


Savoring those positive experiences in life involves slowing down and purposefully dwelling on the effects that those events and people had on us.

Prolonging our attention to feelings and sensations connected to cherished memories, acts of kindness and loving encounters, no matter how big or small, strengthen our capacity to embed them into our psyche.

Over time, this can start to build our emotional resilience and increase our capacity to bounce back from stressful experiences. It can also have a positive impact on our general perspective of our reality.

We don’t need to rush to the next thing, but simply allow ourselves the spaciousness of enjoying and accepting the delicious gifts we’ve been given in life right now. Blessed be.

…….Gemma Summers & Shushann Movsessian

so when do we understand how these silly imperfections add to the beauty of our lives? when can we really and truly appreciate the inner workings of the heart? how do we savor this life?

You are not what you do. You are not what you don’t do.

You are not the job title. You are not a labeled societal sub group.

You are not your personality;

You are not a happy person, a depressed person or an angry person.

You are not a definition of your own qualities.

Who are you? 

You are not who your mother says you are.

You are not who your best friend says you are.

You are not your own descriptions of yourself.

Drop all the labels, titles, designations, descriptions, accomplishments and even failures.

Below the labels, beneath the layers, on the most subtle level…

What do you feel?

What is left?

What is there?

Who are you?

If you are not what you do,

If you are not what others say you are,

If you are not a set of descriptions,

Who are you?

Let’s move a little deeper.

You are not defined or confined by the limits of your physical body.

You are not the beating your heart, you are not your breath.

You are not your mind, emotions or thoughts.

If you are not all these “things”…

Who are you?

A better question may be not who are you, but what are you?

Take a deep breath into every cell of your being. As you exhale release all the labels, all the descriptors, titles, both other and self created. Bask in this space.

What are you?

Close your eyes and feel your way to it. Don’t define it, don’t put it into words, but feel it completely.

Do you feel a sense of spaciousness, of limitlessness, of infinite potential?

If you are not all or any of these things, if you can not be defined or put into words, but only felt.

What are you?

Remember who, or better yet, what you really are.

Remember your potential, remember your limitless possibility.

Remember that you can not be defined, by self or other.

Remember what you are, where you come from and why you’re here.

Remember your knowingness, your awareness, remember your truth.

What are you?

You are the awareness of all these things.

You are embedded deep within yet extend far beyond.

You are the driving force of all these things.

You are both the wave and the ocean.

You are both the dance and the dancer.

You are both the creator and the container.

You are me as I am you.

….Alexa Torontow

Finding a way to extend forgiveness to ourselves is one of our most essential tasks. Just as others have been caught in suffering, so have we. If we look honestly at our life, we can see the sorrows and pain that have led to our own wrongdoing. In this we can finally extend forgiveness to ourselves; we can hold the pain we have caused in compassion. Without such mercy, we will live our own life in exile.

…….Jack Kornfield

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