the view from here


The gorge’s river all empty clarity, rain sweeps in,

cold breezy whispers beginning deep in the night,

and ten thousand pearls start clattering on a plate,

each one’s tic a perfect clarity piercing my bones.

I scratch my head in a dream, then get up and listen

till dawn, hearing each sound appear and disappear.

I’ve listened to rain all my life. My hair’s white now,

and I still don’t know night rain on a spring river.

…..Yang Wan-Li

writing the heart’s knowings from the lovelies to the uglies…..all is part of the quest…..the sanctuary of soul………

I used to be a seeker, looking for answers to all sorts of questions, wondering which religious tradition was right and best, concerned about the nature of the afterlife, wishing I knew exactly what Jesus was all about, hoping I would make good decisions in my life. Seeking is a good thing. Your mind and heart are open as you earnestly pursue matters of importance to us all. you’re not stuck on any given way. You’re on a journey, an odyssey, a search for truth. But now I’ve given up seeking. It could be old age, but I think it’s closer to the old adage that the questions are what is important. Rilke says, Live your questions. That’s what I’ve done. Don’t think that I’m not busy. I travel, teach, speak, and write more than ever. The peace I’m talking about is compatible with a full and active life. It’s the calm core beneath the frenetic exterior, the loss of the existential anxiety about being correct, knowing it all, living properly and not being judged badly. Recently I gave a talk in London, and I told my friend there, Chris Robertson, that people didn’t know what I was talking about and some walked out. You must have enjoyed that, he said. Yes, with a calm at the center I don’t need approval and understanding. I thrive on the eccentricity of my imagination. Outwardly, I’m conventional and boring. Inwardly, I can’t keep the wild thoughts from flowing. That’s my peace. In that wildness lies my creative and comforting stillness….Thomas Moore

the calling

The whisper calls us to let go
of who we think we are
and enter the Unknown.
…..Anne Hillman

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