before & after a fleeting moment

1-Pics for Blog Edits198

Today in my practice gratitude for soul-desires arose within me. I smiled to think of all the times I have felt genuine gratitude for the fulfillment of dreams, but missed the opportunity to sit with appreciation for the grace that plants the seeds of deeper desires in my heart. These desires: for silence, solitude, community, connection; to love the world, others & myself as we are; to know the Presence of that which is larger within & around me. . . . these are doorways into meaning, mystery and magic. How blessed we are to have these desires arise. May we let them guide us home……Oriah Mountain Dreamer

may we remember to reconnect with the simplest ideals….the ones that aren’t really ideals after all, but rather little stars that we catch as they alight in the gentlest way….those moments of clarity that we could surely miss if we didn’t trust…….

Late Fragment

And did you get what

you wanted from this life even so?

I did.

And what did you want?

To call myself beloved, to feel myself

Beloved on the earth.

….Raymond Carver

reincarnating the messy stuff

This is the most profound spiritual truth I know: that even when we’re most sure that love can’t conquer all, it seems to anyway. It goes down into the rat hole with us, in the guise of our friends, and there it swells and comforts. It gives us second winds, third winds, hundredth winds. It struck me that I have spent so much time trying to pump my way into feeling the solace I used to feel in my parents’ arms. But pumping always fails you in the end. The truth is that your spirits don’t rise until you get way down. Maybe it’s because this- the mud, the bottom- is where it all rises from. Maybe without it, whatever rises would fly off or evaporate before you could even be with it for a moment. But when someone enters that valley with you, that mud, it somehow saves you again. At the marsh, all that mud and one old friend worked like a tenderizing mallet. Where before there had been tough fibers, hardness, and held breath, now there were mud, dirt, water, air, mess- and I felt soft and clean…..Anne Lamott

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