the questions of our heart

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Everything is alive and connected to everything else in a way that is vital to the world’s existence. We have perceptions and awareness, so that all of this beautiful and powerful world comes within our experience. Everything works together. It is so ordinary, we usually don’t think twice about it. But that ordinary world is sacred and magical when we look again, when we feel it, see it, hear it, open all our senses to its profundity…..J. Hayward

feel the brush or the pen or the lens or the flair for seeing…..feel them rankle until they are fully expressed….deep, whole, visionary……

Our perceptions, our senses, our skin, our illness and health, our pain and suffering are precious doorways to the sacredness of our world. The dichotomies of imagination and rationalization, intuition and intellect, heart and mind, heaven and earth, feminine and masculine need to be viewed less as polarities than as partners in a delicate dance of balance and harmony. Only by embracing all parts of ourselves are we able to know the wholeness of the world and our inherent inseparability and interdependence with it. Art is spiritual. Art is about our world, our sacred world, inside and out, and our world is alive. Each breath is a new breath, a fresh breath, totally awake and intimate before being encumbered with the weight of conceptualizing, labeling, and judging……Mini Farelly-Hansen

healing in fine shades of blue & gray

Our subjectivity is our true home, our natural state, and our necessary place of refuge and renewal. It is the font of creativity, the stage for imagination, the drafting table for planning, and the ultimate heart of our fears and hopes, our sorrows, and satisfactions……James Bugental

2 thoughts on “the questions of our heart

  1. “……..viewed less as polarities than as partners in a delicate dance of balance and harmony”

    This, to me, is the key to both personal and universal healing, transformation, wholeness, and peace.

    Beautifully expressed. A concept worth its weight in grace.

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