how to be here

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I know what the great cure is:
it is to give up, to relinquish, to surrender,
so that our little hearts may beat in unison
with the great heart of the world.

……Henry Miller

we do not really know how to listen…..the gift that we can cultivate is to be in touch with this blind spot, to be still, to be with our own humanness, to honor the unknowing…..

Being human, we keep getting lost in the running until some great kindness or pain opens us like a flower that needs nothing but light and rain to grow. Even after being transformed by such moments, we are pulled back into the complexity that living with others on Earth brings. In our modern hive, it feels at times that we are a colony of light-keepers buzzing about so fast that the flames we carry keep snuffing out. when our light flickers, we try to manage life and stall. In stalling, we lose our grasp and feel of the Whole. When we begin to split and isolate. By living our feelings singly- in fear, sadness, anger, happiness, worry, confusion, or doubt alone- we suffer their acuteness. When we can still our pain enough to experience our feelings in their connectedness, their depth and oneness ground us and make us resilient. Together, our feelings are a powerful resource. When we slow, the light we carry spreads. When I honor this, I regain my grasp and feel of the Whole, which gives me the strength to stop running…..Mark Nepo

the desire to be

As all the Heavens were a Bell

And Being, but an Ear…

….Emily Dickinson

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