the quirky path of melting snow

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And don’t think the garden loses its
ecstasy in winter. It’s quiet, but
the roots are down there riotous.

the wild and the strange become us when we live in our light…..tend to the garden….deep in winter let the roots be content under snow…..spring is the perfect balance……

There is a dynamism, a spontaneous virtuosity we can cultivate, over time, with care and consistency. A virtuosity of responsiveness, with whatever is presented,; consistently responding in a way that serves the highest good. If each of us uses this particular practice to choose responsiveness, we will inspire countless fellow humans to take better care of themselves and our planet. We are practicing being watchful of the ways in which we are enslaved to outworn beliefs, assumptions and opinions. And there must be a longing, a deep need to break down these tensions in our body, so that we can really be present and awake rather than enslaved to our habits and tendencies. Spaciously we serve the highest good…….Elena Brower

the gift

. . . the world did not have to
be beautiful to work. But it is.
What does that mean?
…..Mary Oliver

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