a Valentine for us


You Have To Keep Breaking Your Heart Until It Opens.

deep in the heart….deep in the groove……deep in love’s finest grace……

If we open our eyes, our minds
and our hearts, we will find that
this world is a magical place.
…….Chogyam Trungpa

the perfect kiss

How did the rose ever open its heart

and give to this world all its beauty.

It felt the encouragement of light against its Being,

otherwise, we all remain too frightened.….Hafiz

Hafiz reminds us that it’s this world that needs us- not the one we imagine we may create some day, nor the one we nostalgically imagine once was- but this world, the one we have right now in all its messiness and spectacular beauty. And he tells us how to share what we are- not so much by teeth-gritting will power, but by letting encouragement calm our fears and help us open our hearts. What encourages you? Good to ask ourselves as we move through our day: How can I encourage those around me to be all that they are? Am I seeing and receiving the encouragement others are offering me? Happy Valentine’s Day weekend dear friends- may we offer and receive the light of encouragement to each other….Oriah Mountain Dreamer


2 thoughts on “a Valentine for us

  1. This heart of ours, this thing that makes a mess of our face when it is broken and tears fall like rain, or a well spring of laughter that erupts in the company of friends … All its sweet mysteries we run from clinging to the mind, to science, the new religion, to lift the burden from our hearts … When it is stronger than we know, than we even believe, it can cure all we would want healed in this world … The greatest mystery of life is not finding love, it is letting love find us … That will only happen when we find (again) our heart … May your day be filled with heartfelt joy!

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